Family Time in DULUTH


 Duluth is the best place to visit for one day mini trip. I love this tourist city with many things to do and many places to visit. My family was be able to visit a couples places before it's getting dark. At first, we stopped to TASTE OF SAIGON to warm up our stomach with a bowl of PHO. Sorry guys!! I wish I have any picture to show you how delicious their PHO looks like but I devoured it before I realized I did not take any picture. πŸ˜“ But Hey, I did take quite a few photos to share you guys how beautiful DULUTH is. First STOP is LAKE SUPERIOR

I found Aerial Life Bridge Love Lock. But since I think It is illegal to do so on the actual Life Bridge since it is so important for transportation, people are doing it on a tree locates not that far away from the Bridge. I still think this idea is super cool!!! Love it!!! Maybe I'll lock one too when I come back with the love of my life πŸ’˜
😚 Found a Ferry for myself!  

My beautiful Mother 
made it!!!! We found the Enger Tower!!! 

The Outfit Details:Urban-Outfitter Backpack - Skull Necklace - H&M Wool Sweater - Zara White Jeans - Charming-Charlie Sandals
My GrandMa is learning how to Ring the Bell
Japanese Garden

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you guys are having a great summer with families and friends!









 πŸ’‹ MIE-MIE πŸ’‹


  1. WOW! Absolutely incredible. I could sense the fun and satisfaction through the pictures. Seemed like you guys had an awesome adventure. Look forward to seeing more of your future endeavors!



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